Our Treatments

Our treatments will be explained during your initial consultation, which is free. If you want to go ahead with treatment, you will be given a written plan and estimate of costs.

We have ZO products available here at Rejuve which we can supply directly to you. You can view their products online by visiting www.zoskinhealth.com.

Acne treatments

Acne is an infection resulting by tiny overactive glands in the skin. When too much oil is produced, skin bacteria break down the oil and the gland becomes inflamed – causing acne. IPL treatment works by reducing the blood supply to the glands, which slows down production of the oil. No anaesthetic is required. A chemical peel can also be effective against acne.


Peels can be a very effective treatment to revitalise and tighten the skin, treat sun damage, reduce lines and wrinkles and deal with abnormal pigmentation problems. We offer 3 different types of peel:
- ZO stimulating peel is sometimes known as the Hollywood peel or red carpet treatment and is suitable for all skin types
- ZO medical 3 step peels are recommended for clients who are already benefiting from a ZO Medical skin conditioning programme and they improve sun damage, fine lines, large pores and dullness.
- Deep exfoliating ZO controlled depth (penetrates into dermis).


We offer one of the best known filler brands, Restylane. It’s useful for filling out the lines that run from nose to mouth and they also provide fullness and enhancement to thinning lips. The treatment takes about 15-30 minutes. Treatment with dermal fillers sometimes takes more than one session for optimum results.

Fungal nails

Toe nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, can be treated with a laser light. This uses heat to kill the fungus so that healing can begin.

Hair reduction

There are a variety of methods to remove unwanted hair such as waxing, shaving, electrolysis and threading, but the best way to achieve long lasting results is laser hair removal. Ramona uses the lighthsheer ET laser from Lumenis. This is the gold standard in laser hair reduction technology. The diode laser works by delivering an intense beam of light to the hair follicle.

Medical microdermabrasion

This treatment doesn’t involve either a laser or an injection but crystals delivered at speed to exfoliate the face. They are immediately vacuumed away, taking the top-most layer of dead skin cells. This mechanical process using a hand-held device improves both the tone and texture of the skin and also reveals the new, living skin cells beneath.

Laser treatments

Several of the treatments we have on offer here use a laser, from acne treatments to fungal nail, removal of unwanted hair, treatments for sun damage and removal of small veins. Another popular laser treatment is tattoo removal.

Pixel skin resurfacing

Pixel skin resurfacing is a laser treatment for acne scarring. A beam of thermal energy repairs and reforms your skin, encouraging healthy new skin to grow.

Wrinkle reduction

We use a high quality range of muscle relaxants which include Dysport, Botox and Azzalure. The relaxant is gently injected in small quantities to help smooth lines in the following areas:

  • The forehead area (horizontal forehead lines)
  • Eye area (crows feet)
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Neck area
  • Under eyes
  • Chin

A treatment session consists of a few tiny needle pricks which relax the muscles that caused those lines to form. We recommend a treatment every 3-4 months. Repeat treatments have been shown to have a longer effect.


The name of the product range we are delighted to use. Some of the products are prescription only and others can be bought over the counter here at Rejuve @Granby. A few of the treatments require the ongoing use of creams in the weeks following the procedure.

Tattoo removal

We use an ND:Yag laser to remove unwanted tattoos. The number of sessions needed will depend on factors such as the age of the tattoo and whether it was done professionally. The number of times that you must come for treatment can be anything from 8 to 15 sessions at 5-6 weeks intervals. A free consultation will be required before treatment so that we can assess your tattoo and give you the most accurate advice and care possible.


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